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With clients across the nation, we call Colorado home. With a team of experts in everything from Microsoft products to general networking to data analytics to business process automation and optimization, we serve a broad range of businesses. Our partnership with Microsoft, along with our senior resources, allows us to offer substantially better service while validating expertise and skills in core Microsoft technologies and concepts.  


We focus on three key areas: IT Foundations, where we provide a full suite of outsourced IT services, from networking support to server maintenance to email configuration and desktop assistance; IT Platforms, where we design technical solutions using a wide range of technologies and process management to meet your particular business needs; Our Solutions, which are full solutions for cloud-based QuickBooks, and state-managed weatherization assistance programs.  


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We at beiNVENTiV understand that there are a core set of challenges every business experiences, regardless of vertical, and we make it our mission to be experts at the tools you need to meet those business challenges.  


We focus on your technology so you can focus on your business. Our goal is to eliminate technology as a barrier to business growth. Your IT should support your business efforts, not supplant them.  


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