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Our Solutions

beiNVENTiV works with a wide range of companies in a wide range of disciplines. We take a proactive approach to the problems we see, and we have developed these solutions as answers to some of those problems. Contact us using the form at the bottom for more details. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Weatherization Prescription


We intially built a solution for one of our state client's WAP using custom code.  We saw first-hand how difficult it was, for us and them, to maintain the solution. Then we had an epiphany: Every state has a weatherization assistance program. We have studied these programs and designed a prescriptive approach to managing not only the program but also the data the program needs. Our platform is the only product on the market that allows for states to configure the solution without the need for code. It is so easy, even a non-technical lay person can configure it. Let us show you some of the efficiencies we've developed to allow the State to coordinate with the Local/Regional agencies, to track work to be done, work that's been done, financial flow, and more. We've even got reports you can send to the Feds! 

Hosted QuickBooks

Desktop QuickBooks in the Cloud


Our vision is to allow accountants, bookkeepers, owners, controllers, or any other authorized person to have access to QuickBooks realtime from any internet-connected device in the world at any time. Secure, same-time access to QuickBooks Company Files means no more emailing Company Files back and forth, or wondering if a particular ledger entry needs to be entered in or not. Let us show you how you can take advantage of the cloud with our very own offering:, a beiNVENTiV product. 

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